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Ringa ringa

Blame me. It is my mistake. The problem with saying anything about a company when thousand other people are shouting, either with an intelligent analysis or without, when the company is in the news, is not a good thing. Either your voice is lost because you are in the crowd, or you are tagged now-it’s-in-news-he-has-a-say. […]
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things to install when I change my laptop

This is more of a notes-to-self thing. Not in any particular order: Cleartype/Cleartype tuner: makes reading a lot easier Foldersize Foxit reader: efficient pdf reader. Can open files in tabs and cntrl+pageup/pagedn works Komodo edit or perlide: perlide is better, but komodo has lot many features Powertoys for windows: guess this depends on the OS […]
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