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xobni – one small update to the previous post

I was wondering why the name xobni. Read it backwards 🙂
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xobni, outlook plug-in that helps you organize your flooded inbox

I have been using xobni for sometime now. For me, it is not the e-mail conversation and contacts search feature that is compelling. I use google desktop search for that (that reminds me. Google desktop has taken 2.2 GB on my system and that’s quite a bit. I need to remove Gdesktop but I’m addicted […]
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5 Mistakes to avoid during the starting of your career(or anytime for that matter)

Ok, I made up that 5 number just to confirm to the standard/popular norm of writing. What makes me give these free suggestions? Well, I have made them at one point in my career and hope someone- at least one person- learns from it. And of course there are some generalizations and assumptions like people […]
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